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These guys don’t just write riffs, they craft songs and that’s the best compliment I can give any band. I look forward to hearing a full length from these guys as if they can keep up this kind of quality over the course of a full album then they will definitely be a forced to be reckoned with on the metal scene. – Eric Walls, That Metal Station

“What metal is lacking is more bands like False Flag who realize how vast the genre is, how much imagery, lyrical themes and sounds are available, and who take only what is right for them to make their music, without being embarrassed or strident about the boundaries.” Gareth Watkins, BeatRoute

“…With their punkified Meshuggah-esque guitar judding, and powerful howling cals, they got the crowd moving.” – Beatroute

“In their punishing debut, Calgary metal trio False Flag skirt between multiple sub-genres while never fully committing to one. As such, they’ve created something original and crushing that is never cliché.” – Sarah Kitteringham, BeatRoute


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